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I came across this link today
and was laughing my ass off after watching the video. It is called Tokyo Breakfast
and it is not for the easily offended, but if you want to see a middle class Japanese
family call each other "nigga" then it is right up your alley.
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I am hoping to add a comments section of some sort and a phot gallery as well.
It will take time to do that though, I am sorta new to all of this.
A local man here in Pittsburgh tried to drive on top, not over a local bridge.
He ended up on the beams over the roadway and yes he was drunk.
I am still amazed at the sheer stupidity of the general public.

Also from the "I am too stupid to breed" department, a man called 911
when his wife went into labor. What he forgot to do was hide his 12,000 dollars
worth of cocaine. When he called 911 all he said was HELP!, so the police came,
as well as the paramedics. Too bad he was not caught before he reproduced.
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